summarizing a co op report to 500 words

Download and carefully read the co-op work term report provided to you on Brightspace This is the text of a real work term report written by a student within the Faculty of Computer Science. I have replaced the company’s name with [COMPANY] and their product’s name with [PRODUCT], and I have blanked out the figures to make the report as anonymous as possible. You will not need this information. Instructions 1. Read over the extra help on Summarizing. 2. Create an executive summary for the co-op report using the 7 steps of the summary process. Step 8 is “Document your sources”—Do not worry about this step since this is a co-op report I gave you. 3. Write your summary in a document with the following settings: 1-inch (2.54cm) margins, 12-pt font, double-spacing, and 1/2-inch (1.25cm) paragraph indentation. 4. Make sure the summary is two pages long. 5. Your file should be named as FirstName.LastName.B00…..W3 6. Create a PDF of your document. 7. Submit the PDF into the “Writing Assignment #3” folder on Brightspace. PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to skip the 7 steps of the summarizing process, your summary will most likely be very poorly done and receive an appropriate grade.
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