student will identify one research article, the focus of which is similar to
assignment #1. This assignment will focus on finding research that is either non-referred or is outside of the professional journals commonly used in psychology.
– Students will find a research article and summarize the findings.
– The goal of this assignment will be to identify problematic elements of the research question, research design, statistical analysis, and results based on the research question.
In psychology, as in many other health care related fields, there is an abundance of problematic research and research which is of poor quality. This type of research often confuses professionals in the field who do not know how to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and often confuses those not educated in the science of professional research. The ability to identify poor quality research and find higher quality research is paramount in conducting any type of empirical research in the field of psychology. Students should consider this as they move forward in their professional activities and write critically about this in the assignment.
The length of this assignment is 3-5 pages.
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