Strategic Plan SE00160060020205DMDD

Strategic Plan
Subject Area
No.of pages/Wordcount
5 page(s)/1375 Words
Urgency 12 to 18  hours maximum
Citation Style
APA Style
Assignment Details
Prepare a written paper with a strategic plan to improve value-based service delivery in the unit of employment or division you work in over the next two years, using current evidence.
Include the following:
Select two strategies to improve value-based care.
Discuss strategies of value-based purchasing barriers and how the barriers may be overcome by the leaders.
Discuss the role of leaders, at any level, in optimizing value-based services.
Discuss the type of community target and valuable services offered at your organization and why the services are essential to the community.
Support statements and assessments with a minimum of six sources from the professional literature written within the last five years.
Written paper, 12-point font, APA format
I work for a 71-bed long-term care facility

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