Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis

Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis
Purpose of Assignment
Students gain experience conducting an internal and external environmental analysis for their proposed new division and its business model. They will also gain valuable experience in conducting a SWOTT analysis for their proposed division.
Assignment Steps
Instructions:Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis; and create a SWOT analysis for your business or division.Your paper, of 900- to 1,200-words, and formatted with the TEMPLATE provided by the Instructor, will consist of these three parts:
PART ONE:Discuss how the external forces will impact your proposed business. Think in-depth and be creative in identifying the forces below. Categories of external forces:
Government regulatory & Legal• Economic• Social / Demographic• Competitive (consider the 5 forces of competition)
PART TWO:Discuss where your strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of tangible & intangible assets; in which functional department your capability lies and why; which core competency your division possesses and/or which core competency you think you need to develop for success.
Think in-depth and be creative in identifying the factors below. Categories of internal factors:• Tangible assets – Financial, Organizational, Physical, Technological• Intangible assets – Human, Innovation, Reputational• Company departments – Identify at least five functional departments of your company/division. Briefly explain their function.• Company policies – Identify and briefly state possible policies of three of the functional departments listed above.• Core competencies – Identify and discuss the core competency you currently have: is it the correct one? Analyze if you need to look for other competency.
PART THREE:Based on the above findings, create a SWOT Analysis table: Using the external Opportunities and Threats (from part 1,) with your internal Strengths and Weaknesses (from part 2):• Identify two each of Strength, Weakness, and Opportunity and Threat your proposed division faces.• Describe how you will use the above strength and opportunity to further your division; and how you will mitigate the above weakness and threat to protect your division.
Format your paper using the TEMPLATE provided by the Instructor. Remember to use several levels of headings and subheadings to achieve clarity.
TEXT BOOK: Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach (16th Edition)
BY: Fred R. David & Forest R. David
Strategic Management, Ch. 5: Strategies in Action
Strategic Planning Outline
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