stick as close to the template as you can and complete it as…

1.How you are doing during the Coronavirus pandemic? What about your situation would you like to share? What have you been doing to make this time more tolerable? Give tips, ask for tips express your optimism, your fears. What experiences have you and your family and friends had?
How are you getting geared up to successfully complete the semester?
2.Writing with the “Template of Templates”This assignment gives you practice using an important template. (See They Say, I Say, pp. 11-12.)
Use the following “template of template.” Fill in the blanks with your own writing, and write out the entire paragraph to receive credit. (Remember you can copy and paste.)
Stick as close to the template as you can, and complete it as thoroughly as you can. However, it’s okay if you have to make minor modifications to the template. If there are parts you cannot do, just omit these– but be aware that the more accurate and complete your paragraph is, the higher your point total will be.
Use one of the following topics: gun control, abortion, capital punishment. Or you may use a topic of your own choosing– just make sure your topic is clear. You may need to use the Internet to get some information for filling in some of the blanks.
Here is the template:
In recent discussions of________________, a controversial issue has been whether_____________. On the one hand, some argue that _________________. From this perspective,________________. On the other hand, however, others argue that ___________. In the words of ____________, one of this view’s vocal supporters, “_________________________________.” According to this view, ______________________. In sum then, the issue is whether______________ or ___________.
My own view is that_________________. Though I admit that ________________, I nevertheless maintain that________________. For example,___________________. Although some might object that_______________, I would reply that_______________. The issue is important because________________.
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