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Create a 18 page essay paper that discusses Hi / low neurotic personality when exposed to media violence causes aggression.It is expected that the findings to be obtained from this study will be helpful in gaining better understanding of care needs for high neurotic personality, widening the scope of more efficient medical assistances. In this report, a detailed elaboration has been provided to offer a clear understanding about the research aims and objectives as well as the method to be applied to accomplish the same. Correspondingly, a brief overview has also been provided regarding the identified research issue to be emphasized in this research study. The outcomes expected from the proposed research study and the future scope of research it widens have also been addressed in the planning documented hereunder.Prior to discussing and elaborating aggression theory, defining the term ‘aggression’ will be essential to comprehend the research issue efficiently. In general, aggression is defined as any behavior, depicting violence towards others and thereby, increases the chances of harm to those present in the surrounding. It is worth mentioning that different aggression theories aim at identifying the behavioral patterns of individuals so that measures can be taken to eradicate the chances of them harming others. In context of social psychology, it is the “frustration-aggression hypothesis”, which is considered to form the foundation of aggression theory. Based on this particular hypothesis, it can be ascertained that aggression mainly emerges because of frustration and inhibitions persistent within any individual, especially when its approach towards the attainment of any particular goal becomes disillusioned (Berkowitz, 2012). However, not every kind of frustration leads toward causing aggression and not all aggression erupts from frustration due to the dissimilarities persisting in the psychological behaviors of individuals (Meir et al., 2007).In the modern era, with complexities increased in
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