Start by watching the TEDed video at : https:com/lessons/how-to-spot-a-misleading-graph-lea-gaslowitz (Links to an external site.) Links to an…

Start by watching the TEDed video at :
 (Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
Then submit your answers, in your own words, to the following questions. Do not remove the questions from your submission. 
Question 1: Analyze this graph on Environmental Waste. Please view or download the graph HERE. 
1a. Explain at least three problems with this graph?
1b. In what year was the amount of waste trashed closest to the amount recycled?
Question 2: Analyze this graph on rainfall in Atlanta, GA. Please view or download the graph HERE. 
2a. The two graphs above show very different pictures of the rainfall in Atlanta. Explain how each graph is distorted.
2b. What information might help you decide if the variance in amount of rain in Atlanta is unusual? This is an open ended question designed to get you thinking like a scientist. If you were a senior scientist and your lab assistant brought you those graphs. What would you tell them to do to them to make them clearer and easier to understand? 

All graphs should be looked at carefully and not just taken at face value. Distortion of the horizontal and vertical axis is just one of the many ways graphs can be misleading. When trying to make a point, people sometimes cherry pick data that supports their points, graph two totally different types of data measured in different units on the same graph, or ignore other variables that would explain the results. Even when someone is not trying to mislead you, his or her graph can be misleading by accident. Three-dimensional and picture graphs look nice, but often distort our perception of the data.
To learn more about other types of misleading graphs check out Misleading Graphs at
 (Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
. There you will find other examples along with an activity to help you practice finding problems in different graphs.
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