speed or accuracy which do you think is more important when keyboarding

Speed or Accuracy…which do you think is more important when keyboarding? Which is harder for you to achieve? Are you a speed demon on the keys but make a lot of mistakes, or are you more slow and deliberate? If you are working in an office, which would be the better style to have? Get the job done quickly or get it done right? Interesting quagmire, huh? Share your thoughts here.
When answering the questions above, remember that there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Give us some examples of when SPEED would be more important than ACCURACY. Is it ever? Do you want something to leave your desk/office that is not accurate? When would this be appropriate? Ever?
Your answers for this Discussion topic should be well thought out. Type your answer giving all areas some deep thought. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation DO count, so proof carefully before submitting. Your post must be at least 100 words.
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