Speech Exam. 25 questions/mutiple choice

 Question 14 points  Save   In which of the following situations will you do most of your deliberative speaking? group reports group discussions oral reports symposia chairing meetings  Question 24 points  Save   When facing a hostile audience, the most appropriate strategy for persuasion is weakening commitment.TrueFalse  Question 34 points  Save   The same strategies that improve attention also encourage retention.TrueFalse  Question 44 points  Save   Spoken words alone are abstract and can be misinterpreted. Visual aids can help because they are more concrete. As a result they can increase: audience interest. speaker credibility. listener comprehension. rhetorical sensitivity. heterogeneity.  Question 54 points  Save   Another term for a ceremonial speech is: epideictic. deliberative. forensic. symposium. groupspeak.  Question 64 points  Save   The preparation and use of visual aids should be an integral part of strategic planning.TrueFalse  Question 74 points  Save   Which of the following is a general strategic resource for persuasive speaking? consciousness raising refutation seeking incremental change increasing the sense of urgency selecting appropriate supporting materials  Question 84 points  Save   When is the best time to deliver handouts? the beginning of the speech the middle of the speech It all depends on whether you need to refer to them during the speech, or whether this might be too distracting for the audience, thereby necessitating that they be passed out at the end either the beginning or the middle either the beginning or the end  Question 94 points  Save   Which of the following is a feature of anniversary celebrations? combines a tribute to the past with a challenge for the future brings out the special virtues or characteristics of the event relates the significance of the event to the listeners’ lives refers to and emphasizes the event being celebrated all of these  Question 104 points  Save   Strengthening commitment is not really a persuasive goal because it addresses issues that the audience already agrees with.TrueFalse  Question 114 points  Save   According to the text, the motivated sequence is similar to the problem-solution pattern of organization. Which two steps of the motivated sequence resemble the problem and the solution in a problem-solution speech? attention and visualization need and satisfaction need and action satisfaction and action attention and action  Question 124 points  Save   Testimony against the speaker’s interest is less persuasive than testimony consistent with the speaker’s interest.TrueFalse  Question 134 points  Save   Description works best when you provide vivid details.TrueFalse  Question 144 points  Save   In a speech of introduction, it is important to anticipate and preview the ideas that the speaker you are introducing will be covering.TrueFalse  Question 154 points  Save   Which of the following visual aids is a type of representation? object textual graphic pie graph model pie  Question 164 points  Save   A nominating speech places an actor, entertainer, or politician into consideration for an award.TrueFalse  Question 174 points  Save   Your ethos can be improved simply by citing trustworthy sources in your speech.TrueFalse  Question 184 points  Save   Creating a positive or negative feeling relies on persuasive, informative and entertaining strategies.TrueFalse  Question 194 points  Save   Speaking strategies which emphasize sharing ideas with the audience are called: entertining. persuading. informing. instructing. disclosing.  Question 204 points  Save   Which of the following conditions give rise to deliberative speaking? The situation is uncertain. The listeners do not identify with the speaker. A decision is required. all of these The situation is uncertain and A decision is required only  Question 214 points  Save   The informative speech strategy which focuses on clarifying similarities and differences is: defining. explaining. distinguishing. comparing describing.  Question 224 points  Save   Vince wants his audience to remember the four biggest health problems associated with chewing tobacco. What kind of visual aid should he use to promote retention of these risks? objects a graph textual graphics a diagram a map  Question 234 points  Save   Which of the following is considered an unethical, manipulative strategy? claiming that an issue is more urgent than it actually is withholding information or arguments that don’t support your point “loading the deck” so as to give the illusion of choice to the listeners using unsound appeals all of these  Question 244 points  Save   Transparencies are suitable for all kinds of visual materials including photographs and complex graphs.TrueFalse  Question 254 points  Save   Dr. Chadi spoke to a group of seniors about the many alternative treatments available for the most common medical complaints among those over 55. Her speech served what purpose? providing new information agenda setting creating a positive feeling creative a negative feeling entertaining

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