Discussion 1: Evidence-Based and Non-Evidence-Based Programs
The efficacy of evidence-based programs is supported by rigorous scientific studies. The term  evidence based  is synonymous with other terms, including  science based  and  empirically based.   They refer to measuring the effectiveness of programs through objective, controlled scientific studies.
Helping professionals should be prepared to use evidence-based approaches, know how they differ from non-evidence-based approaches, and recognize how their use influences treatment practices.
Post an explanation of the value of evidence-based treatment programs.
Explain how the prevalence of evidence-based programs has influenced treatment practices for addiction.
Support your response using the resources and the current literature.
Needs to be 1 page or more in length
References (use 2 or more)
Carroll, K. M., & Rounsaville, B. J. (2007). A vision of the next generation of behavioral therapies research in the addictions. Addiction, 102 (6), 850–862.
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