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Need help with my writing homework on Social Anxiety Disorder. Write a 250 word paper answering; Annotated Bibliography Antony, M. M., & Swinson, R. P. (2008).&nbsp.The shyness and social anxiety workbook: Proven, step-by-step techniques for overcoming your fear&nbsp.(2nd Ed.). Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications. The correlation between shyness and anxiety cannot be overemphasized. The book defines the relationship between social anxiety and shyness and the various techniques that can be employed to deal with fear. Social anxiety is a direct consequence of fear as underscored in the text.Biemer, D.J. (1983). “Shyness Control: A Systematic Approach to Social Anxiety Management in Children”. The School Counselor, 31 (1), 53-60.The journal provides an in-depth analysis of various steps that are critical in dealing with social anxiety. The source has a specific focus on the children and the extent to which various approaches can be enhanced to deal with the condition. Henderson, L., Zimbardo, P. (2001).&nbsp.Shyness, Social Anxiety, Social Phobia.&nbsp.In Hofmann, S.G. and DiBartolo, P.M. (Eds).&nbsp.From Social Anxiety to Social Phobia: Multiple Perspectives.&nbsp.Allyn & Bacon.The journal provides a multi-dimensional discussion on the basis of understanding shyness, social phobia and social anxiety. Social anxiety has a potential of mutating from the initial condition to social phobia which provides a complicated aspect in providing an appropriate treatment.Kashdan, T.B. and McKnight, P.E. (2010). “The Darker Side of Social Anxiety: When Aggressive Impulsivity Prevails Over Shy Inhibition”. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 19(1), 47-50. The source establishes the negative consequences of social anxiety and the various aspects that lead to the manifestation of the condition. Consequently, the source puts into perspective the aggressive tendencies that worsen social anxiety. The source effectively discredits shyness to some extent and gives prominence to aggressiveness in causing social disorder. Moynihan, R. (2002). “Celebrity Selling: Part Two”. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 325 (7358), 286.The text provides a discussion on the effect of social disorder on celebrities. Despite their popularity, most of the celebrities are shy effectively making them victims of social disorder. Nardi, A.E. (2003). “Social Anxiety Disorder Has Social And Economic Burden”. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 327 (7426), 1287. Social anxiety disorder has a number of challenges that are of economic and social nature. The source provides an understanding of the extent to which the disorder causes financial burdens and social disenfranchisement of the people affected. Schneier, F.R. (2003). “Social Anxiety Disorder: Is Common, Underdiagnosed, Impairing, And Treatable”. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 327 (7414), 515-516. The source provides a discussion on the different issues that constitute social anxiety and the various assessment methods that are employed in correctly diagnosing the disorder. Moreover, the text elaborates on the extent to which social anxiety disorder is sometimes underdiagnosed and the appropriate treatment approaches employed.Verbeke, W. and Bagozzi, R.P. (2000). “Sales Call Anxiety: Exploring What It Means When Fear Rules a Sales Encounter”. Journal of Marketing. 64(3), 88-101. The marketing journal provides various perspectives that relate to the encounters individuals undergo when selling products. The journal explores the role of fear in causing anxiety in so far as marketing is concerned.
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