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I will pay for the following article Leonardo da Vinci: A Man Far Ahead of His Time. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Leonardo da Vinci only painted with certainty, approximately, 20 paintings. Each and everyone today are considered a masterpiece. He created some of the most astounding pieces in history, however, at the time, they were just pieces requested, commissioned, or made to be sold to a customer. Leonardo da Vinci believed himself to be a storyteller through his art. He believed that with the visual images he could effectively tell the deeper emotional stories of the characters with a brush better than any writer with a pen. We cannot discuss da Vinci without talking about some of his most famous artistic works. “The Vitruvian Man,” as can be seen below, painted around 1490, displays the perfection of the human form, function, shape. Da Vinci was extremely fixated on the human form and function, he more than any other artist of his time knew more about human anatomy and physiology than most physicians.(Esaak). He was known to participate in autopsies for the opportunity to learn more. “The Last Supper,” as can be seen above, was commissioned by the Duke of Milan and was completed in approximately, 1495 to 1498. The most famous and may be the most recognizable of all of da Vinci’s work has to be the “Mona Lisa,” above, painted from 1503 to 1505. Although it is believed that the “Mona Lisa” was commissioned by a wealthy patron, to this day, no one actually knows who it was (Arts & Entertainment Television). There is one more famous painting that da Vinci painted., in fact, he painted it twice. The painting title “ The Madonna of the Rocks. In its original version, the painting showed an infant Jesus and John the Baptist, Virgin Maryand the Archangel Uriel pointing to one of the infants emphatically, while wearing brilliant armor and bright red cape. The differences can be seen and compared in the images above. The painting had been commissioned for Milan’s Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception. There is belief that one of two things happened. It may have been a disagreement over the paintings price.
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