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I will pay for the following essay Managers and Work Relationships. The essay is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Several problems of people management can be mitigated easily. some are entirely outside our control and can only be restrained. however, you still have power over several aspects which influence your ‘people’ and hence it is your duty to make sure that your leadership and management are constructive. You can merely undervalue the effect which you personally have upon the efficiency and practices of your team. As the manager of a group, you have the power to punish, motivate or limit most factors of their working day, and this puts you in authority, and accountability. This essay will present an analysis of two incidences between managers and employees: (1) managing diversity and (2) workplace discrimination. a self-diagnosis and assessment of my own competency as a manager and as an employee. and an action plan based on the competencies identified in the first two sections.My approach to diversity started with an aggressive, insistent, and proactive action plan. I viewed diversity as an organization’s asset, a main concern of the management, and an actual business goal. Before one can successfully deal with diversity you should first have a highly diversified work force. Fundamental to the success of my approach was the organization’s accepting the requirements of the law. The organization aims to make sure that their employees are representative of the demographics of the community and that its personnel and management seem like the transforming nature of the enterprises they serve (Dubois 1993). The objective is to ‘motivate’ and not diversity management. To that objective, my approach deals with general changes to encourage each individual to provide their inputs to his/her best potential.Diversity management is a transformative practice and the focus has shifted from the superiority of affirmative action to the breadth of optimizing all organizational members (Armstrong 2000). My program for workforce
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