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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Time Out Technique as a Parenting style. It is understandable that children are less easy to be controlled, but their mental and physical well being is more important than just discipline in life.Parenting is the process wherein the child is molded by the parents in a caring manner .Parenting is not an easy task, even though the emotional bond between the child and the parent is strong. It can be ironical in saying that as the parent and child are strongly connected the parenting technique has to be well scrutinized and experimented. There are different methods in which a parent can displace their child .Different kinds of parenting are positive parenting, spiritual parenting, unconditional parenting, time out parenting and so on. One of the parenting styles followed by parents nowadays is the time out parenting technique and a look in to the same subject can give us an idea about its good and bad side.Time out parenting is one technique which is most widely accepted by the parents worldwide. In this method the child is trained to stay away from parents in order to learn discipline and ordain in life. Here the child is trained to stay away from the parents and this is applied in cases where the child is mostly behaving in an inappropriate manner. According to (Farlane) “Time-out is a discipline technique that involves placing children in a very boring place for several minutes following unacceptable behaviors. Time-out really means time out from any attention”. The parents have an assumption that when children stay near them they tend to get spoiled.This concept of time out parenting was invented by Arthur stats after a long term behavioral analysis with his children. This kind of parenting is a way of treating children against their misbehavior and misconduct. However this parenting style is not very amicable with grooming children as it leaves negative consequences on child.
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