SLEEP, Vol. 38, No. 9, 2015 1353 Sleep and the Common Cold??…

SLEEP, Vol. 38, No. 9, 2015 1353 Sleep and the Common Cold??Prather et al. INTRODUCTION Growing evidence demonstrates that short sleep duration (< 6 or 7 h/night) and poor sleep continuity are associated with the onset and development of a number of chronic illnesses,1-4 susceptibility to acute infectious illness,5-7 and premature mortality.8-11 Experimental evidence in animals and humans suggests that the immune system serves as a key biological pathway.12-14 For instance, total and partial sleep deprivation in humans results in modulation of immune parameters critical to host resistance, including diminished T cell proliferation,15 shifts in T helper cell cytokine responses,16,17 decreases in natural killer (NK) cell cytotoxicity,18,19 and increased activation of proinflammatory pathways.20-23 Sleep related modulation of the immune system is also observed when sleep is measured in the natural environment, with implications for clinical outcomes.6,24 We recently reported that short sleep duration and poor sleep continuity, measured by sleep diary over 14 consecutive days, predicted the incidence of developing a biologically verified cold following viral exposure.6 One of the limitations of this prior study was Study Objectives: Short sleep duration and poor sleep continuity have been implicated in the susceptibility to infectious illness. However, prior research has relied onquestion: 1. Does the abstract clearly outline the problem, the, hypothesis/research question, aims and objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and recommendations?question 2. Is there an unbiased discussion of related research?Does the researcher demonstrate insight into the subject under study?Are cites references timely and relevant?Is the search a collection of quotes or does it critically appraise previous studies?question 3: Is the study described adequately?Can you identify what type of study is used, e.g. descriptive, experimental,quasi-experimental? Plagiarism Free Papers
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