For this class you are working on a number of dimensions of good writing, one of which is effectively writing with readers in mind. The book by Graff and Birkensten, They Say, I Say,(hereafter referred as “Graff”) is intended to learn structures for presenting ideas with readers as the point of the writing. Therefore, every week youâ€ll be assigned chapters to read and, following the reading, exercises to complete.
Below is the next activity.
Read Chapter Five (pp 68-75).
Return to your own research.Looking at one of your own sources youâ€re considering for your research paper, you should build a single paragraph based on the an idea or ideas from your own current research where you make use of ONE template for signaling voices(page 72) and ONE template for embedding voices(page 73). Of course be certain to include correct MLA style in-text citations, as well.
Complete the Sixth Writing Technique Exercise, based on chapter five of They Say, I Say. This exercise will help you to see strategies for both integrating sources into your own writing but also for making sure you always in your writing distinguish the voices of the sources from your own voice. The reader always needs to know when the author is speaking or a source is speaking. This chapter will help you to achieve this important goal.
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