Short answer questions 1. In what area of your writing have …

Short answer questions
1.    In what area of your writing have you developed the most this term? To what do you attribute this?
2.    What have you found to be the most helpful part of The Writer’s Guide for you personally?
3.    Was there any topic you felt needed more coverage or explicit explanation in The Writer’s Guide? What would have been helpful to you?
4.    What aspects of your essay should you examine to make sure you’ve supported your points sufficiently?
5.    What specific type of writing do you use professionally (or will use in the future)? What are the skills required in carrying out this kind of work?
6.    Did you find the Grammarly tool helpful to you throughout the term? Why or why not?
7.    Is there a grammar topic you need to brush up on? What might you do to find assistance?
8.    What did this course allow you to learn about yourself as a writer?
9.    What suggestion(s) would you give to future students who may take this course?
Look at attachment for Steven Johnson
1.    In your own words, explain what Johnson means by saying that reading the Spark File is like “brainstorming with past versions of yourself.”
2.    What is the main purpose of Johnson’s Spark File?
·         to organize ideas into categories that make sense
·         to take notes on the most current project
·         to see all ideas through to a final product
·         to remember partially developed ideas
3.    How should the Spark File be organized?
·         filtered by project
·         in chronological order
·         in reverse chronological order
·         categorized by topic
4.      How do you feel about idea-tracking?
Top of Form
·         If an idea is a good one, I’ll remember it.
·         I write my ideas down so I don’t forget.
·         I don’t have a need for it.
·         I’d like to keep track but don’t have a good system.
Bottom of Form
5.    How might you use a Spark File for personal or professional purposes? Explain your answer.

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