Sexual Orientation and Victimization, writing homework help

Sexual Orientation and Victimization
Part 1:If a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) adolescent is victimized by his peers, how might this affect his or her emotional, social, and educational development? How does it affect the self-esteem of the individual? Discuss strategies that a teacher, social worker, counselor, or school psychologist could use to reduce prejudice and discrimination of LGBT individuals and limit bullying and victimization at school.
Part 2:
Please watch the following TED Talks video:
Burns, J. (2010, October). A message to gay teens: It gets better [Video file]. Retrieved from
In this video, Texas councilman Joe Burns makes a courageous plea to the targets of teen bullies contemplating suicide. He wants them to know that things will get better! 
Hopelessness is a feeling that things will never get better.  It is one of the suicide warning signs. What are other suicide warning signs?  What experience can you share with a young person conveying a message of hope for the future? 

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