Service Learning Power Point Presentation

ASL PowerPoint:The PowerPoint to be submitted is not the same one you may have used for teaching although it can contain parts of it. This PPT is a presentation of what you did for the ASL project. It should contain a title slide, abstract slide, 10-12 slides containing (objectives with their numbers, audience, location, methods used for teaching, methods used for evaluation, 1-2 slides labeled, Reflection, 1-2 slides labeled References.  APA format required.Academic Service Learning ReflectionsThe purpose of the powerpoint is to share the connection between the service experience and the teaching/learning objective. The goals of service learning are to:1) enhance classroom learning2) meet community needs3) foster civic responsibility/civic engagement.The power point must have these two selected course objectives (my two selected course objectives are: 1.7 applies goal-directed processes involved in the transmission and assimilation of information…  and 3.4 Analyze and implement patient health and safety goals…)The audience is nursing students who are about to graduate with an ASN degree and the topic is focused on course objectives 1.7 and 3.4. The title is “Protecting yourself from Covid-19.” The presentation setting is virtual via Zoom meeting. However the main idea is NOT focused on Covid-19 its based on the goals on service learning and course objectives listed above.The PowerPoint presentation should be attractive in terms of design, layout, neatness, and order.The abstract must be included as the second slide of the power point presentation.Document all sources cited in APA format.Your PPT must include voice recordings.I have attached the grading rubric and instructions the professor gave to give you an idea of what the professor wants. Please follow the instructions written here and look at the attachments for reference. I also attached the full list of course objectives. The book you need to also incude in your references is :Title: Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and PerspectivesAuthor(s): Blais K. K., & Haynes, J. (2016)Publisher, Edition: 7th editionISBN: 97801338013126Due 2/20/21 at 9pm.
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