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Self-Reflection : Four (4) pages Scholarly Sources, and APA: Quotations and paraphrasing from your textbook, Communication Highwire , and/or the UMKC Discourse Reader are required for reflecting on your learning. As a result, multiple APA parenthetical citations (PC) are required in this essay where this information is included. An APA Reference page at the end of your essay is required as well.
The final assignment of this course invites you to look back on your work this semester and consider what you have learned about writing, speech, and multimodal communication in our Discourse class. Address your learnings in this Discourse class. Be certain to give specific examples and reasons.
In a four page essay, you will consider our learning objectives and how you achieved them. Address the following questions in narrative form, restating the prompt without listing the actual question, in your essay. Be sure to use good paragraph development as well as transitions between paragraphs.
1. What was your experience of Discourse 200: English for Speakers of Other? 2. Discuss two specific feelings, emotions, sensations and/or thoughts that came up for you during these courses. Discuss why you felt/thought in this manner. Give reasons and examples. 3. What two (2) specific learnings have been most important for you in this course? Give reasons and examples. 4. How will you specifically use these learnings in the future in your university education and in a more distant future in your profession? Give reasons and examples of course.
Texbook Hofner Sapiere, D., Kappler Mikk, B., Ibrahim Devries, B. (2005) Communication Highwire (Leveraging the power of diverse communication styles)
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