Select one criminological theory learned in this course. The…

Select one criminological theory learned in this course. The…

 ou will have the opportunity to select a theory that best explains why a crime does or does not occur. Once the theory is identified and your research on the selected theory is complete, you will share your knowledge either via a PowerPoint presentation (Option A) or a video presentation (Option B).
Option A
Create a PowerPoint presentation with notes that (1) identifies the theory, (2) showcases research to support that the theory is effective, and (3) briefly discusses criticisms of the theory. As a reminder, there is no one theory to explain all crimes; hence, all theories will have criticisms.To prepare for the PowerPoint presentation, follow the instructions below.

Select one criminological theory learned in this course. The theory must be one that was created or developed later than 1960 (e.g., the social bond theory, which Travis Hirschi developed in 1969).
Locate at least two scholarly/peer-reviewed articles that support the theory and two scholarly/peer-reviewed articles that are critical of the theory.
Utilize at least five sources to support your presentation, one of which can be your textbook.

Your presentation should include the slides shown below.

Title: This slide should be in APA format.
Introduction: This section should identify the selected theory and why it was selected.
Summary of Theory: This section should provide a background of the theory, including its origins, and identify how the theory explains why crime does or does not occur.
Content Analysis: This section should discuss the research identified to support what this theory does.
Criticism: This section should identify and explain at least two criticisms of the theory.
Summary: This section should be a summary of the information discussed.
References: This slide should be in APA format.

As a reminder, PowerPoint presentations should have limited text on the slides. Instead, the notes feature in PowerPoint must be used to include any relevant information about the subject. In addition, the font must be appropriate, and the background should not distract from the content. Finally, any graphics added should be relevant to the content presented and be cited and referenced in APA format.The completed presentation must have notes for all slides. Additionally, the presentation should be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. 

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