see the details in prompt

My position is team D…….
[For the Debate, Team C will AGREE with this statement; Team D will DISAGREE]
Q2. “Many scholars and analysts today make the mistake of assuming that China will inevitably
become a challenger to the current status quo. These pundits have convinced themselves that
Chinaâ€s growing economic power will inevitably be translated into vastly stronger military
capabilities and expanding territorial ambitions. Some have argued that because rising powers in the past have always challenged the status quo, China will inevitably do so as soon as it is able. Their only response is a policy of containment and efforts to isolate and undermine China.
“But these assumptions are not only wrong, they are also counterproductive. Rather, there is
ample evidence that China does not aspire to become a regional hegemon and does not have a
strong interest in challenging the current system. China continues to gain so much through the
current system, and as it continues to develop economically its status-quo orientation will only
deepen. Simply put, China stands to lose much more than it could possibly gain through the use
of military force or aggression. The US and the regional countries have no need to isolate or
contain China. Such a hostile policy is not only unneeded, it might also itself sow the seeds of
future conflict.”

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