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Week 8: Security Technology

Week 8: Security Technology
For our discussion question, we focus on recent trends in security technologies and security operations. Staying current with various security tools is an important characteristic of a proficient security manager.
One method to discover new technologies is to attend security related conferences and network with other security professionals about current and trending best practices.
For your discussion question, choose two relevant and recent physical security technologies and describe them. As part of your detailed description, provide:
1) Specific information about the technology’s function and application;
2) The type of facilities that the technology would be best suited for;
3) The assets that the technology would best be used to protect;
4) The likely vulnerabilities that the technology would best address;
5) Methods in which the technology would be integrated with other technologies;
6) The number and type of personnel that will need to be committed to the operation of the technology;
7) Special considerations for policies and procedures to fully implement the technology; and
8) A likely budget needed to implement the technology.
If you are impressed with a particular security technology that your organization uses, share it. Include any relevant hyperlinks and attach any pictures if applicable.
Here are some security categories of technologies that you may select. Please make sure your posting covers a specific technology rather than a broad category:

Intrusion Detection
Screening Technologies
Access Control Technologies
Assessment/Surveillance Technologies
Communications Technologies
Central Control Technologies
Security Lighting

At least 200 words.
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