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For part one, you will develop a sales campaign for one game that will focus on one price class.
In part two, you will be required to develop a season ticket package for at least two price classes.
Your project will be 7.5-10 pages (not counting reference page).
Anything that you reference should be included in-text and on the reference list.
The project will be presented in Times New Roman Font 12 point double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all pages (except for advertising examples and stadia diagram)*. Specific requirements are listed below.
When preparing your sales promotion campaign, refer to the elements presented below for formatting questions (recommended pages in parentheses) *For illustration, you may also arrange parts of your project so that it appears similar to a brochure that you would distribute to fans and potential consumers.
Promotion Campaign will include: – Introduction (1 page) o Briefly describe your organization and introduce single and season ticket plans
– Part I (2.5 – 3.5 pages) o Brief description of promotional campaign for the selected price class (.5 page) o Rationale/explanation (1 – 1.5 pages) ▪ Why did you pick a certain price class for that game? ▪ Who is your target market(s)? Why? ▪ How will leads be generated? ▪ What value is there for the consumer who buys the ticket for that price class? o Brief discussion/example of flyer/advertisement to be used for promotion (1 – 1.5 pages) ▪ How will you communicate the promotion? ▪ What objections do you anticipate when selling the tickets to that game? How will you work past those objections?
– Part II (4 – 5.5 pages) o Brief description of season-ticket campaign (.5 page) o Specifics of price plan (can be presented in bullet points) (.5 – 1 page) ▪ You will split up the arena into different pricing levels, and focus on two pricing areas o Rationale/explanation of two pricing plans (1 – 2 pages) ▪ Explain prices (may use other comparable organizations as reference points) ▪ Why did you choose to focus on the two price classes in your project? ▪ What exclusive benefits are offered to the patrons in those price classes? o Diagram of arena with pricing explanation (similar to one you find on team web sites) (1 page) o Discussion/example of flyer/advertisement to be used for promotion (1 page) ▪ How will you communicate the promotion? ▪ What objections do you anticipate when selling those season tickets? How will you work past those objections?
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