scholarly article critique 1 – Custom Nursing Help

Provide a 2-3 page critique of a HRD journal article. Source the HRD article which utilizes one or more theories and list the full citation at the top of your paper.
The paper should read as a fluid document and not resemble a question and answer format.
Include the main idea(s) or focus of the article. What is the dominant idea or thesis identified in your selected article? Briefly discuss the central theory used and explain how it used existing knowledge and/or created new knowledge.
Identify your main points of critique and support your rationale (I am most interested in your take on what the article contributed to you, potentially contributes to your colleagues, and the applicability for research and/or business).
Lastly, how would you expand upon the article with your knowledge or what future research would you suggest in support of the article?
Must contain scholarly research and reference sheet with in text citation.
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