rtl 2095 buyers demographic research 1

Please see the attachment for complete information.
*Each question (1 through 5) should be numbered, answered in detail, and on a separate page. Not following direction will result in a zero grade on this assignment.
1. List 2 important facts about the city where your store is located. Be specific, a detailed discussion needs to be included for each fact. Please number and list each fact separately. ** One page minimum.20 points
2. Research and discuss the climate for this area for the year. Provide detailed examples in your discussion. Information can be broken down by season, or month by month. ** 20 points
3. What is the median household income for this area? Information should be taken from the prior year. How does it compare (i.e., above/below) with the rest of the state and nationally? 20 points. Please cite source on page.
4. Since you are new to the area, research and discuss 2 specific tourist attractions that are in your city. Please number and list each attraction separately. ** One page minimum. 20 points
5. Find an actual store that is similar to yours and is in your area. Include specific information about this store that you feel makes them a competitor to your store. Include name and address of the store you are discussing.** 20 points
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