route 66 weatherford parks project 1

For every four members of a group we will need:
1) An artist rendering of the exact layout of the park, the attractions, and a key to identify them.
2) A billboard that advertises this park from Interstate #40.
3) 3 page report on the theme of your submission, the attractions and how they help accomplish that theme.
4) An identifiable logo that appears on all three submissions and represents the Weatherford Route # 66 Park Project.
Projects / Attractions mentioned by Mayor Mike Brown included: Dog park, museum, 20′ x 30′ pavilion, porch, porch swing, map of Route#66 on blade, war memorial to replace existing one, Vietnam Veterans Memorial replica, mural, original brick walkways, playground equipment, picnic tables, large Rt. #66 sign for photos.
Remember to design your layout with a consistent theme: Locals vs Tourists
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