Background: For this portion of the Course Project, you will identify appropriate materials and equipment for the weekly curriculum theme you are developing. You will choose one activity/interest area and create a detailed list of materials and equipment to support all areas of development (PILES).Use the following online resources to assist in your materials and equipment selection:LakeshoreCommunity PlaythingsConstructive PlaythingsKaplan Early LearningFor additional information on the quantity of materials needed for a state child care business license, refer to the State’s child care or family child care licensing guidelines.In a minimum of 3-pages (not including the title page), include the following elements:Step 1: Choose one (1) activity/interest area from the following list:Dramatic playBlocks/BuildArt/CreativeScienceManipulativesLibrary/ReadingSensoryStep 2: Create a detailed list of materials and equipment necessary for your weekly curriculum theme in the chosen activity/interest area.List materials and equipment representing all areas of development (PILES). Be sure to include furniture, shelving, materials, toys, etc.Step 3: Describe why you chose the materials and equipment. Explain how they support the areas of development (PILES), as well as the developmental goals and objectives for the children in your chosen group.Include the following:Number of children in your group (be sure you have enough materials and equipment for licensing)Must be developmentally appropriate for your groupIncorporates diversityMeets of the needs of children with special needsStep 4:  List websites used to find the materials and equipment for the activity/interest area.Use APA formatting for your resource list.
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