Risk Management and Business Continuity Questions

Please ensure you cite in APA format, any sources you have used in your posting.
Question 1.
Successful Alignment of IT with Business/Project Prioritization
Refer to the readings on aligning IT to the business strategy, and either do some research or draw from your own experience to tell us about an organization that has successfully aligned its IT to the business. Answer the question and discuss the importance of its answer to the CIO, integrating the information on the organization into your response:
1. How are IT projects currently determined and prioritized by the organization?
Question 2
Governance/Enterprise Strategies/Project Team Personnel
Complete the readings and review the IT Strategic Plan, Part 1 assignment before completing this question. Choose one of the following and develop two well-researched paragraphs:

Why is it important to have the senior leadership/management of an organization involved in the IT governance process? Identify at least three senior positions found in most organizations and explain why it is important for that person to be a part of the IT governance process.
What are two or three different ways that the IT governance group could determine how to prioritize IT projects?
What are the key steps that the CIO should take to develop an IT Strategic Plan for the organization?

Question 3
Compliance Issues

Complete the readings before answering the question.
Listed are three compliance issues. Choose one and discuss how it might affect the information systems at GGFRT. Review the GGFRT Case Study and identify which current or planned system(s) may be affected by your chosen issue. Write a short statement of requirements that could be used to modify the system(s) to address the compliance issue.

Recent loss of privacy information has caused GGFRT management to direct the CIO to encrypt all such information in the systems.

Question 4
Risk Management and Business Continuity
Complete the readings for question 4 before reviewing the IT Strategic Plan, Part 2 assignment and the “IHS Risk Management Guide” from question 3 before completing this discussion.
This discussion is to help prepare you for the ITSP, Part 2 assignment. The concepts being discussed here relate to risk management and business continuity planning from the business perspective. In your ITSP Part 2 assignment you will discuss these topics from an IT perspective. Provide a response to one of the following:

Referring to the ITSP, Part 2 assignment #4 and the GGFRT case study, you will identify some risks that the CIO needs to consider. For this discussion, we will focus on risks that the business should be concerned with. Apply what you know about the business environment and come up with and explain 3 risks related to the business environment (not IT-related risks). Explain what impact the risk has on the business, how likely it is to occur, and how it can be prevented or mitigated.

Question 5
Performance Measures and the Value of IT

Conduct some research if necessary and respond to one of the following:

Review the GGFRT Case Study and identify 3 business performance measures that should be displayed daily on the dashboard for the President (CEO role) to help him understand how his business is doing.

Question 6
Leadership Characteristics and Strategies

We will discuss leadership. This relates to the Leadership Philosophy section of this week’s CIO Memo assignment. There are two aspects, one is the characteristics of a good leader (personality traits, etc.) and the other has to do with the strategies (activities, actions, etc.) that would help the CIO be successful. Refer to last week’s readings and respond to the below question with two good paragraphs:

Referring to the GGFRT Case Study, identify the top three leadership characteristics that the CIO should demonstrate that you believe would be most successful. How do the leadership characteristics relate to GGFRT’s strategic objectives? Relate each leadership characteristic to a strategic objective (all strategic objectives don’t need to be used). Explain your answers and present your sources.

Question 7
IT Management and Governance Frameworks
Conduct some research if necessary and respond to one of the following:

Explain the differences between CoBIT and ITIL. Which of these methods do you feel is most appropriate for GGFRT? Thoroughly explain the justification for your choice, which will take some research on your part. A source is necessary for this response. If you would utilize both methods, which would you suggest was focused upon first? Please justify your response.

Question 8
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
From the research you conducted on the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) models, identify which model you would recommend for the IT organization at GGFRT? Relate your choice to one of the strategic objectives of GGFRT and thoroughly explain your answer. In addition, please discuss potential challenges to the successful implementation of the model.

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