Review the scenario below and delegate appropriately using a…

Review the scenario below and delegate appropriately using all roles of RN, LPN, and UAP. Include your rationale for your decision. You are an RN working on a busy Women’s Unit with an experienced UAP and an experienced LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Based on what you have learned about delegation, which patients will you keep as your assignment, which patients will you delegate to the LPN, and how will you delegate to the UAP?Patient 1: 28-year-old new admission with Bartholin Gland Cyst and Abscess with an elevated temp, labs abnormal, alert, orientedPatient 2: 21-year-old status-post C-section day 2 who is stable, no active bleeding. The incision is open to the air.Patient 3: 34-year-old primagravida ready for discharge who needs teaching and education on breastfeeding and has questions regarding birth control methods. Plagiarism Free Papers
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