Review the model below which show how major aspects of the U…

HADM 3303 discussions are graded using the following rubric:

Excellent (50 pts)
Good (40-49 pts)
Average (30-39 pts)
Unsatisfactory (0-29 pts)

Delivery of Post
Grammatically & mechanically correct; posts early in week
Few grammatical or mechanical errors; posts early in week
Some errors in grammar or mechanics; posts late in week
Many errors in grammar or mechanics; posts late in week

Relevance of Post
Original, insightful, in-depth analysis of topic with a clear controlling statement; well-organized & supported with examples & quotes from the readings; cites additional references related to topic
Insightful analysis of topic with a controlling statement; mainly well-organized and supported with a few examples; lacks some depth and originality
Rather short or undeveloped; lacking in support and originality; offers little insight into topic; repeats some comments already posted
Undeveloped and hasty; lacks a controlling focus; unorganized; makes irrelevant or off-topic remarks; repeats comments already posted

Expression within the Post
Expresses opinions & ideas in clear sophisticated well-organized manner; illustrates & supports assertions with examples & quotes
Opinions and ideas are stated clearly; uses some examples
Minimal expression of opinions or ideas that may not relate to the topic; ideas are not supported well
Does not express opinions or ideas clearly; no connection to topic; ideas are not supported

Contribution to the Group
Frequently  motivates group discussion; presents creative approaches to topic; effectively responds to other students posts with relevant viewpoints
Interacts with other students somewhat effectively using relevant viewpoints
Marginal effort to become involved with group discussion; short or repetitive responses to other students
Does not effectively respond to other students; seems indifferent to group; responses are short, repetitive or irrelevant

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