Review the feedback you received in the Peer Review Discussi…

Review the feedback you received in the Peer Review Discussion and make any edits or revisions that you feel will improve your essay, then submit your full exemplification essay into the Dropbox. It s Review the feedback you received in the Peer Review Discussion and make any edits or revisions that you feel will improve your essay, then submit your full exemplification essay into the Dropbox. It should have a strong introduction with a clear thesis statement, three or four body paragraphs that use examples to help support main ideas, and an effective conclusion. These are the feedback I received for my Peers How could I make my conclusion paragraph more effective? Are commas used correctly? What is one way I could improve my conclusion? The essay should follow MLA Style, with size 12 Times New Roman Font, identifying information in the top left corner, a title, and all pages double-spaced (you can see a sample MLA paper starting on page 691). The world today functions because of love. Think of a world without love whereby every individual depends on themselves without caring or allowing anyone else into their lives. Hate would be the central aspect dominating the world. There are different types of love, but the two main ones involve genuine love that people share among themselves. They love their friends and family member because they were created social beings which depends on one other for survival and happiness. Then there is the love between a man and a woman who comes from different families. Think of a man and a woman who meet in different circumstances and later fall in deep love with one another to the extent that they trust one another with their lives. Some even start has enemies who then change their feeling towards one another. Well, each couple always has a story to tell about where and how they started seeing each other and took things to the next level. When one loves the other person, the feeling is often confused for just normal friendship. So how can one tell if they are in love with the other person? It’s important to note that love has an addition where the individual’s maid cannot go for one hour without thinking about the other person the fell in love with. A romantic love release neurotransmitters into the bloodstream of the individual. Times the effects can be more severe than even those caused by drugs. Some call it to love at first sight which occurs when one has butterflies in their stomach after seeing and falling the other person for the first time. What happens is that the person’s dopamine level surge is giving them a robust, attractive feeling towards them once they meet them. The nerve growth factor of the person in love companies all the euphoria which leads to an increase of emotional dependency. If the person’s feelings are exposed to the situation for a more extended period, the serotonin levels drop which leads to increased desire. This chemical bond is the one responsible for the reason why lovers are so profoundly attached to the extent that when an emotional problem faces one, the other individual is directly affected by the problem. The emotional center of the brain drives love. Due to this, the person can no longer only depend on what they will gain or lose once it comes to making critical decisions. Instead, they do consider how the other individual will be affected by the situation. They will even acquire their opinion before executing specific actions in their lives. Times, if someone has hunger towards other people or things, they may direct the hunger to those that they love without even being aware of it, which may cause temporary conflicts between them. Same cause happens to when they are happy about something that has happened in their life. All this happens because the two have connected brains through love which directly influences their emotions. The difference between love and lust is that emotions control love while an endocrine system controls lust. In most cases, when one has a lust for someone else, they merely are judging themselves depending on their current emotions instead of judging the other person. They end up having the lust feel as their brains main aim is to get what it desires for it to gain satisfaction. Romantic love does not need anything to achieve. Instead, all it wants is to grow between those who allow it into their lives. This is my full essay draft The more the lovers stay together, the less their love is obsessive. They start a special bonding with each other. Things may feel less exciting as their raphe nuclei start producing more serotonin. Within a concise period depending on the lovers, their love through the growth factor levels returns to its normal state. The serotonin to some extent is very necessary has it prepares the lovers for a long-term relationship. The curbed feeling of obsession helps people to have a stable connection to the extent that they can fight and go through tough times but in the end, they still will love and belong to one another. Apart from the chemical bonding of an individual, they have an emotional feeling that affects their daily lives and how they handle certain issues that they face in their life. One can know that they are indeed in love when their hearts beat faster when they are around them. They are afraid of speaking out things that may sound unworthy which brings in shyness. If this occurs, then the individual’s emotional part of the brain has been influenced by the presence of those they are in love with. They find themselves thinking about those they love from time to time. One may even get disrupted because of time to time thoughts that cross their minds about those they are in love with. Their greatest desire is being close to them. The person in love always seeks for reasons to convince themselves that they are the perfect much and that they are pretty together. They will try to compare what they love with what the other person love. As they get to know and understand one another, to some extent nature eliminates the difference that may have existed between them. This bonds them together. They strike a balance between them that will accommodate change where possible so that to drop their gap. It may take time, and a couple of arguments which at the end makes their love stronger has they always discover new ways to handle a stressful situation. The individual may also experience sleeplessness, loss of appetite and increased motivation that pushes them to try to win those they fell in love with. All these effects are caused by the body’s dopamine levels which may even increase in case they make any contact with one another. Times the individual may get disappointed if the relationship fails. They may take a tough period to heal from the pain. Even though they were hurt, the process begins again all over so long as their maid is ready to accommodate a new feeling from another person later in life. Love has both physical and chemical reactions to those couples who happen to fall for it. It never ends so long as one keeps their maid to let it take over their emotion part of it. Less details

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