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DIRECTIONS: Complete and send responses (in Mail addressed to the instructor) for Assignment 2. Pick one (1) question from each of the three chapters. (There is ONLY one question for Chapter 2 and everyone must answer that last question citing 3 categories with an example of each NOT from Chapter 2.) Make sure you type the question that you have chosen before answering it! Review the Scoring Guide before starting this and ALL assignments as credit is given for including the questions WITH the answers.
NOTE: To get full credit for this assignment you must meet the paragraph minimum (2 full paragraphs), cite examples and use art appreciation terms whenever possible. Please write out each question before answering. See rubric (scoring guide) on the home page and at the bottom of ALL assignments. See the provided term sheet.
Answers should integrate your opinion and information as gathered from the chapter.Please do not copy information directly from the text. Using art appreciation terms and coming to your own conclusions get the most points.

PICK 3 of the LISTED ESSAY QUESTIONS! TWO MUST BE FROM CHAPTERS 1 and 3 (pick one from each) and EVERYONE must answer the question from Chapter 2. SEND ALL THREE CHOSEN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IN ONE SINGLE MESSAGE TO THE INSTRUCTOR! Please do not send chapter essays questions and answers separately!
*A paragraph is a topic sentence with four or more supportive sentences.

Chapter 1 (Pick one.)1. Consider Vincent van Goghâ€s work The Starry Night, included in this chapter of the text. Explain which function (what do artists do?) of art this work best fulfilled for the artist and the function it best fulfills for you as a viewer in terms of your content reaction.
2. Consider both Stonehenge and the Neolithic stemmed vessel of the Longshan culture, included in this chapter of the textbook. Discuss the possible purposes for these works, along with their aesthetic qualities and technological requirements.
3. Compare and contrast the two paintings by Juan de Valdes and Audrey Flack in your text, discussing the context of vanitas paintings and how the two paintings reflect the society and culture of the time periods through symbolic messages. What iconography is present?
Chapter 2: EVERYONE MUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION:4. Using works of art in the 11th edition of the textbook that are NOT from Chapter 2 select one work of art for each of these categories and explain why that work meets the definition of a work that is representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational (also called nonobjective). Use artists’ names and titles AND page numbers NOT figure numbers and explain why each one fits that category. (To clarify, each category will have its own example and explanation.) Remember titles should be in italics. Please include artist’s names and titles and page numbers for each.
Chapter 3 (Pick one).
5. Musicians often “cover” songs recorded by other artists, developing a new interpretation of it. Artist Jeff Wall “covered” a work by Hokusai with his A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai). How does Wallâ€s work create a dialogue with Hokusaiâ€s? How do the differences in their works speak to the viewer about the intentions or purposes of both artists? How does this “cover” represent the theme of “Art and Art”?
6. Consider Picassoâ€s Guernica and Delacroixâ€s Liberty Leading the People. Discuss the stories behind each of the works, paying particular attention to the political and social messages that each artist wished to convey. Are these works effective in conveying their stories or the artist’s intentions? Why or why not?
7. Compare and contrast the theme of the human experience in Kahloâ€s Self-Portrait with Monkeys and Vermeerâ€s Woman Holding a Balance. Discuss how the artists positioned their subjects in the paintings to convey reality. Consider factors such as lighting, color, and relevant objects around the female subjects.
Please provide ARTIST’s NAMEs, TITLES (in italics) and PAGE NUMBERS when writing about your examples. Figure numbers may be included too.

Scoring Guide for Assignment 2
Writing Assignment Chapter Questions

Include opinion and information gathered from the chapter using terms and supporting essays with examples (see NOTE below about how to reference examples!) when requested. (Up to 17 points)
2 paragraph minimum per question (A paragraph is 1 topic sentence and 4-5 or more supportive sentences.) (Up to 10 points)
Use appropriate terms or processes in relation to your answer/example(s). (Up to 10 points)
Type chosen question before answering. (Up to 3 points)
Spelling and grammar. (Up to 5 points) NOTE: Over five errors more points will be deducted!
NOTE: When referencing works of art use titles (in italics), artist’s names NOT JUST figure numbers.

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