responding to cisneros and la llorona

responding to cisneros and la llorona

For this week’s discussion, please address the following items in a two-paragraph post of at least 500 words total. Use evidence from both “Woman Hollering Creek” and the La Llorona video to support your reasoning.
Items to address (in any order that makes sense to you):

WHO the narrator is, WHEN he/she is telling the story, and WHO this person is telling the story to
Why Cisneros chose to structure her text in this way (short snippets of disjointed scenes; HINT: think of how our memory works!)
Explain how Sandra Cisneros’s text “Woman Hollering Creek” both parallels and veers from the La Llorona folktale. In other words, where in “Woman Hollering Creek” do you see Cisneros alluding to La Llorona and where in her text do you see her intentionally revising the folktale?
What the arroyo represents and why it is significant that Cleófilas and Feliz drive over the bridge to leave Seguin, Texas at the end

To cite “Woman Hollering Creek,”your citations will look like this: “quote” (Cisneros 221). To cite the video, it will look like this: “quote” (La Llorona 1:32). Use the time stamp of where your quote starts.
The video:

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