responding to a paragraph Reflection

responding to a paragraph Reflection

these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

The first one :

This chapter talked about Jewish Americans. Jewish people have been hated on for an extremely long time which I didn’t know about. I knew that they were especially disliked in Europe but I didn’t realize that the hate for them began all the way in ancient times with Egypt and the Roman Empire. It later continued with Spain in the 1400s and then the attempted extermination of all of them by the Nazi’s. The book stated that they are the most widely oppressed racial/ethnic group in world history. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed that much in a recent poll in the US in 2009 most people blamed the Jews for the financial crisis that was going on and in 2009 as well a South Carolina republican stated that well-off Jews were penny Pinchers. This is just so crazy to me to think that people today are still holding Anti-Sematic views about the Jewish. I also knew that being Jewish was an ethnic background as well as a religious affiliation but I didn’t really know how people classified themselves by it so it was interesting to me to find out that traditionally Jew is defined by their matrilineal ancestry, meaning that their mother was Jewish but they can also identify themselves as Jewish being that they are apart of that specific group of people (ethnicity or religion). The Jews eventually were included into the “white race” and benefited from the white privileges they received earning them a spot in the white middle class. I also thought it was interesting to see the Black and Jewish relationship between the two groups. While they did have a lot of love for each other being that they are commonly the most oppressed groups, they did have some tension that resulted in the attacking of black people and the attacking of Jews as well. Nevertheless the groups still stuck together being that they share similar view points about civil rights and equality.

The Second one :
A few of the questions I had in reading chapter 5 were actually answered for me in later paragraphs. My first question was in regards to the Jewish-Black Relations section on pages 120-121. As I read it, it was interesting to me that Jewish and African Americans had hate for each other during times and I questioned if African Americans felt this way towards them because Jewish people were considered white and still had that superiority over them. This was answered to be true. Another question I had was if it is so important for the Jewish to focus on the future and the life of their religion, and there seemed to be a decline in participation, identification, marriages, and even amount of children being had, would we eventually see a great decline of the Jewish community? It also confused me reading about those declines since it was stated that the future and religion was held so strongly within the community. So why were younger generations fading it out? Since Jews have had such unforgiving treatments not only from the U.S., but worldwide, and have had such negative stereotypes placed about them, I guess one could say that the extreme oppression would have a great impact on why younger generations would not want to identify as being Jewish. But, that question was answered as well in that researchers have stated the Jewish community seems to be growing and there isn’t going to be a decline any time soon. Thinking about it, though, it is very sad to imagine the possibility of a religion/race dying out because of how people treated them. Especially after events such as the Holocaust, it is amazing to see how far the Jewish community has come and how they still continue to battle oppression to this day.
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