Resilience Definition Discussion | The Nursing Tutors

Use APA style:
Define the term “resilience.” What attitudes, behaviors, and activities can be expected (or are proven) to enhance personal resilience? Neighborhood resilience? Community resilience? Are these activities complimentary, collaborative, or deleterious? Explain.

McEntire: Disaster Response and Recovery 2nd ed, Chapter 13 – Posted chapter as a PDF. (attached)
Chandra, A. (2011). Building Community Resilience to Disasters : A Way Forward to Enhance National Health Security. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation Chap 7(attached)
Johnston, D. M., & Paton, D. (2006). Disaster Resilience : An Integrated Approach. Springfield, Ill: Charles C (attached)Thomas. Chapters 2 & 10 (attached)

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