Researching PHRs

A Personal Health Record is a place where a patient can save all of his or her own health information in one place so that it is always available, no matter where the patient is. A personal health record could be simple such as a paper copy of every record from every place the paper has ever been in a large envelope, or online documentation of all of a patient’s records online in the Cloud. A Personal Health Record is not the same as a Patient Portal where a patient can access his or her records for only one Healthcare Organization that is completely under the control of that healthcare Organization, but rather a collection of the patient’s records from all healthcare organizations where they have been seen that is under the control of the patient
Choose an online Personal Health Record (Some examples are, Google Health, Microsoft Health Vault, My Doclopedia PHR, MyHealthFolders, RememberItNow, and Lucy by Epic). Test out the PHR using your own real information, or using a pseudonym. Write about your experience, answering the following questions:

What features does this PHR offer?
How do they protect your privacy?
What are the benefits of this PHR?
What are the drawbacks of this PHR?
Would you use this PHR yourself? Why or why not?
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