Research Theories

Research Theories

1) Please introduce yourself, and share with class something really boring about yourself. For example, I eat the same breakfast every day: yogurt, fruit, and granola.

2) Find the syllabus located on the drop-down menu on the left of your screen. Please answer the following syllabus based questions:

What textbook is required for this class?
When are quizzes due?
When are discussions and replies due?
When is the annotated bibliography due?
What is the best way to reach me?
Scientific Method

3) Read this short article, and answer the questions below:


1) What observations were made?

2) What is the problem?

3) Identify the hypothesis.

4) How did the researchers gather evidence or conduct the research?

5) What theory came out of the research

6) Give an example from your own life on an association that you have with a particular brand logo. What is the association you have with this particular logo?

Biology of Mind


1) Watch this TED video and answer the questions below:


Briefly describe the difference between the left and right hemispheres, as described by Jill Bolte Taylor
Describe briefly what you thought about this video
2) Watch the following video on epigenetics and answer the following questions–Make sure you watch it from the beginning.


Provide a definition, in your own words, of epigenetics-based on the video.
Based on what you learned in the video, describe something about your lifestyle that you think you should change?
3) Watch this video on meditation and answer the questions below:


Practice the 5-minute meditation for three consecutive days. Describe your experience including how you practiced the 5 steps in this video and any challenges you may have had.

Life Span Development- Attachment

1) Watch this video on the Strange Situation Experiment:


Describe (in complete sentences, two-five sentences per example) the differences in each child’s reaction upon mother-child reunion:

insecure ambivalent:
Watch this video on temperament. What role does temperament play in the attachment process or the quality of the attachment? Attachment is a two-way street, so think also about the role that the parent’s attachment pattern plays in the development of the child’s attachment pattern.

What qualities does a parent need to create a secure relationship with their child?

Gender & Sexuality

1) Watch this TED talk by Emily Nagoski, and summarize the main point of her talk, and what you learned from it. Minimum of one paragraph, which is 5- 6 sentences.

2) Watch this short video on Gender & Sexuality presented by me, and in your own words, write down the difference between gender, sex, and sexual orientation. Also, write down one thing from this video that surprised you.


Week 2: Learning Theories, Memory, Thinking & Motivation Options Menu: Forum
Learning Theories:

Please watch this 12-minute video.

Using Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning experiment with dogs, think of an example of classical conditioning that you have seen in your own life with a dog, child or another adult. Please briefly describe the behavior (e.g., “Dogs drool to the sound of a bell when repeatedly exposed to meat powder and the sound of a bell: or “When I grab the leash off the hook, my dog runs to the back door, expecting to go out”.

Using your example, please label the following (use complete sentences):


Unconditioned stimulus:

Neutral Stimulus:

Natural Response:


Conditioned Stimulus:

Conditioned Response:


1) Watch the following film clip on Eyewitness Testimony (Content warning- This case describes the (false) conviction of a rapist as told by a rape victim).

Eyewitness Testimony

Read the following related article:


Based on the article, what factors led to the inaccurate eyewitness testimony in this case? Your answer should two paragraphs long, 5-6 sentences per paragraph.

Thinking and Language

Reminder: Each answer should be approximately one paragraph (5-7 sentences) and corrected for spelling and grammatical errors.

1) What environmental influences have impacted your ability to reach your academic potential?

2) Please use your text to answer this question: Why are group differences in intelligence scores due to environmental impact?

2) Please Use your text and in your own words, define stereotype threat and provide an example.


1) Read the following article on weight stigma.

Summarize the main points of the article, and provide an example of a time you witnessed or experienced weight stigma. You can use your own experience, or examples from social media, movies, t.v., music, etc. Note: Please be considerate in your response, as someone in the class or someone they love is probably struggling with these issues.

2). How good are you at identifying others’ emotions? Take this test, and find out. Discuss in 3-4 sentences what you found out about yourself.

3) Use your textbook to answer the question: How do facial expressions influence feelings? Please answer this question in one paragraph (5-7 sentences).

Week 3: Health & Stress, Social Psych, and Annotated Bib assign. Options Menu: Forum
Stress & Health

1) Read this article, and answer the following questions:

In your own words, write in 4-7 sentences how the article describes the difference between meaning and happiness?
What two components are major in meaning making?
Using the definitions of meaning and happiness in the article, give one example of something in your life that makes you happy, and something that gives your life meaning.
2) Use your text to answer the following: In what ways have you experienced the stress adaptation phases of alarm, resistance, and exhaustion in your life as a student?

Social Psychology

1) Watch this video and answer these questions:

In your own words, describe implicit bias and give a specific example
In your own words, define the following terms: Prejudice, Discrimination, Stereotyping, Just World Phenomenon, In-group bias. Please include an example of each.
2) Log on to the Implicit Association test here: takeatest.html

Choose a category and take the test. Make sure you answer all the questions to get the results. Tell us which test you took, and what did you learn about yourself?

3) Next, read this review of the IAT, and now that you’ve taken the test and read a critique of it, tell us in a few sentences what you think.

4) Watch this brief video on The Science of Racism, and list 5 things you learned from the video.

Annotated bibliography assignment

Your annotated bibliography assignment is due on 7/6 by 11:59 p.m. Please get started now by reviewing the assignment and posting your research question/topic. Also please include any questions you might have about the assignment.

Week 4: Personality & Psych Disorders Options Menu: Forum

1) Choose two Freudian defense mechanisms from the text (p. 353), and describe an example of each from your own life.

2) Take the Big Five Personality test. Discuss your results, and what you learned about yourself.

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