Research Paper Related Unit Objectives: Describe the care of…

Research Paper Related Unit Objectives: Describe the care of…

Research Paper (5 -7 pages)
Related Unit Objectives:

Describe the care of a young child with a disability
Recognize how to meet the needs of children with special needs in the preschool classroom setting
Appreciate the importance of staff well-being( emotional, mental) and how it affects the children who are under their care.

Assignment Description and Instructions:
Teacher attitudes and perceptions to inclusion of special children in the early childhood classroom in Grenada West Indies.
The research should address the following:

Identification of the most significant implications and consequences of this problem regarding the staff and/or children concerned.
An explanation of how the problem is impacting the current ethos and environment of the institution(s) where applicable (findings)
Information on the strategies that are being used to address/ eliminate the problem
A critical review of the procedures (if any) that are in place and whether or not the principal or accountable officier is awre of any gaps and if they are being addressed.Say whether what is being done is sufficient.
Give your recommendations for alternative strategies to solve the problem identified.

Rubric: Presentation of Research Paper

Introduction: The introduction and objectives are clearly stated. Background and context are clearly articulated and linked to objectives effectively. (10 marks)
Research development/presentation of findings: Arguments/ findings are highly relevant to the research, and are presented clearly and logically. All the implications are presented, as well as relevant and logically observed, The link between theory and practice is clearly and logically articulated. (30 marks)
Conclusions/ recommendations: They are clearly stated and connections to the arguments and positions are clear and relevant. The underlying logic is explicit. ( 10 marks)
writing: The report/project are coherently organized and the arguments and positions are easy to follow. There are no spelling or grammatical errors and technical terms are clearly defined. Writing is clear and concise and persuasive. (10 marks)

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