research paper can be 3 5 pages

You are a member of a team planning a raid of a business location running a software piracy operation. Your part in the raid is to locate, seize, and secure all the computers and digital evidence at the site. Write a 3- to 5-page research paper that answers the following questions:
1. What considerations are there when developing your crime scene plan?2. What information would you provide when preparing your search warrant?3. What information and recommendations would you provide to a pre-raid briefing?4. What questions would you ask the intelligence briefer about your part in the mission?

Written reports of no more than five pages are to be prepared in a professional manner using the APA style for your cover page and references. Format and neatness matter, as do spelling and grammar. Use one-inch margins, 12-point fonts, and double-spacing. Put page numbers on all pages but the first. Up to 30% may be deducted for work that does not meet professional standards. Some additional allowance may be made for those students for whom English is not a native language. No allowance will be made for papers that were not spell-checked. If you have trouble with the mechanics of writing, you are encouraged to get some assistance at the Academic Support Center in the Library (x6042). Also, don’t forget that there are excellent resources available through the databases at the College library (see the Reference librarian for assistance). Submit your work via Blackboard.
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