Research paper | Architecture and Design homework help

The research paper is an opportunity for you to find a subject that interests you and that you are willing to research in detail.  
TOPIC– Select one of the three: 1) a designed object/product  2) a designer 3) a design firm/collective –  from anytime in the 20th Century (1900 to 2000).  For ideas check the list posted on iLearn.
CONTENT– Write an original 5-page research paper in which you discuss the significance of your topic, as you see it, in the larger historical context. More specifically: what is the importance or impact of this designer/design firm/design on the history of design more broadly speaking? 
LENGTH – 5 to 6 pages long
FONT SIZE- Papers should be written in a font of maximum 12 points, with double spacing. 
IMAGES – Please include images, but keep these separate from text. – maximum one full page worth of images. 
BIBLIOGRAPHY – Make sure to add bibliography.  Add citations and references as needed.

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