Research Paper about Patient Safety Culture- Research W12

This final Critical Thinking assignment builds on the assignments from #EE29098, #EE29252, and EE29402.
You will now write a formal paper on the topic you selected in  #EE29098,  . The paper must include the following elements:
·       Title page
·       Body of the paper that covers the main and subtopics
·       Identify any gaps in the research that you think could be a research topic in the future
·       Conclusion
·       References
Your paper should meet the following requirements:
·       Be 5 pages in length, including the introduction, but not including the title or reference pages- with highlighted topics 
·       Provide support for your statements with in-text citations for each paraphs, from the 14 scholarly articles you have gathered.
The following resources will help you with this assignment:
·       Purdue Online Writing Lab – General Format â€“ scroll down to see the information writing and formatting Abstracts
·       Purdue Online Writing Lab – APA Sample Paper

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