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Historically, individual states in the United States of America have set their own child and elder welfare policy agendas and reporting laws. As well, states have set their own reporting laws for abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities. Each state has laws requiring certain professionals to report concerns of child, elder, and long-term care residents†abuse and neglect. While some states require all people to report their concerns, many states identify specific professionals as legally mandated reporters. These include (but are not limited to) psychologists and other mental health professionals; medical professionals; teachers; and child, elder, and long-term care providers. Specific procedures are established in most states for mandated reporters to make referrals to child and elder protective services.
Consider another hypothetical therapy case in which you discover a frail, 78-year-old woman living at home with her verbally abusive adult daughter. The adult daughter has made clear she wants no part of therapy and will put her mother in a nursing facility if you cannot help her to be content at home. Your client confides that although the verbal abuse is debilitating, it is better than being all alone in a nursing facility. She feels certain that none of the facilities she has seen would be tolerable for her. She has heard her friends in these facilities complain of neglect, stealing, and verbal abuse, and she describes feeling at least physically safe at home with her daughter. She begs you not to cause her to be removed from her daughterâ€s home. What is the ethical imperative here and how would you honor it while protecting your client? Are there multiple ethical dilemmas in this case?
For this assignment, you write a paper that demonstrates your understanding of the ethical considerations relevant to mandated reporting, as well as how you might negotiate the consequences of reporting or not. You must provide this analysis through a fictitious case example of your own creation that involves the requirement to report a violation according to your stateâ€s licensing board. This case might entail child or elder abuse or neglect. It might also involve abuse or neglect of persons with mental or physical disabilities, depending on your stateâ€s laws. The case should be no longer than a page and a half, and the rest should be your explanation of the ethical issues. Be certain to avoid using any real names or identifying information about real people.
The Assignment (3–5 pages)

Provide your fictitious case example, including the relevant details of the case.
Explain why this case presents an ethical issue related to mandated reporting in your intended state of practiceâ€s rules.
Explain whether you would report the situation and why.
Explain how you would negotiate the intended and unintended consequences of your decision to report or not.

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