Research graduate paper help

Research graduate paper help

Research graduate paper help

You must submit a 2000-2500-word essay (use the word-count function in your word processor) including footnotes, title page, and bibliography, on a biblical, theological, or ministry topic chosen by you and approved by the professor. The paper must be original and not one that you have written on before, based on prior work, or one you are currently writing for another course. A. Your topic will be approved only upon submission of a thesis statement via the assignment submission link. See the Thesis Statement assignment instructions. B. Your paper must include a title page, table of contents, footnotes (not in-text or endnotes), and a bibliography. You must use eight (8) sources or more in the paper, including at least three books and three periodical articles. Note that you may NOT use any internet or web-based sources for this assignment. You may cite them as essays or journal articles.

Your thesis is ONE sentence saying what you are going to seek to prove in your research. Since this is a theological research class, it needs to specifically be theological in your approach. Perhaps something like this:

“The Bible prescribes appropriate practices and attitudes for helping victims of physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationships. “

Think of it this way…what is the one sentence that describes what you are going to prove in your research? Remember, it needs to be theological in this class. That’s why I recommended introducing the Bible into your thesis statement. Otherwise, the paper can become a psychology or counseling paper instead of being distinctively theological.

You need to re-work all of your sources because they are not theological or ministerial in nature. You are certainly welcome to include their research; however, you need to the minimum number of theological research as your basis for research in this class.

Please re-submit your refined thesis and theological sources by Wednesday, 24 July, and I will re-grade it with no late penalty

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