Use the Library to research decision-making models in education. Complete the following:

Investigate how different models include underlying assumptions found in different schools of philosophy and educational philosophy.
Select 3 of the educational decision-making models from the following list and describe how each model is used.
Include in your description how the models guide educators and what underlying philosophical assumptions are paramount to each model.
Discuss at least 1 school of philosophy and one educational philosophy for each decision-making model.
Contrast the 3 models’ design, beliefs, and underlying suppositions.
Include in your descriptions likely educational settings where each model could be used. You should discuss at least 1 situation for each of the 3 models. Indicate any educational setting(s) where a particular model would not be the best choice and explain why.

Discuss your findings in a 4–6-page paper. Reference your textbook and other information found in the Library and on the Internet. Your paper should include a cover page, abstract, introduction, and conclusion.
Decision-Making Models

Needs assessment model
Futuristic model
Rational model
Vocational and training model
School-based management model

Schools of Philosophy


Educational Philosophies


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