Research and report on a work of Architecture from:

Any of the periods mentioned during the history lecture
Any other work of architecture of your own choosing

The Work of Architecture can either be:

A building
A structure

After choosing and developing the study, describe the following:

The period (What year, century, etc.) of the structure(s)
It’s specific style of design
Who built it and for what purpose (but do not elaborate on the architect who built it. You can choose this person for your third oral report)
Other factors, such as economic, social, geographical and controversial.
How it influenced you

This report will be done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (5 to 8 Slides)
Use graphics (i.e. pictures, video, links, etc.)
Cite ALL references on the last slide

Other comments:

This report is worth 60 points

You must NOT plagiarize!! Do your own work!

Be sure to ASK questions if you have problems.

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