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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Assets and Risk Management.SWOT is an analytical method that categorizes organizations internal factors that affect it. The steps used in this approach are,Identifying the strengths of the organization- the strengths of an organization are obtained by looking at the advantages, what the organization does well, what resources the organization accesses and what the people sees as the strengths.The weakness of an organization is looked at by looking at what should be improved in the organization, what the organization does poorly and what should be avoided that place the company at risk of losing its customers. The weaknesses are considered from an external and internal viewpoint by asking questions like, do people see weakness that the management does not see and are the organizations competitors doing any better than the latter? On doing this, the company notices its loophole and can go ahead in addressing the issues raised.The employee’s management in an organization looks deeply at a realistic opportunities that are ahead of them and the trends that are of interest to the entity. They ought to look at avenues where useful opportunities can result. Perfect examples include technological and market change on the broad and narrow scale, government policy related changes, social patterns and population changes and the local events too.To identify the threats of an organization, one has to know what obstacles they face, the progress of the competition. There is also a need to scrutinize whether there are any changing specifications, knowledge of any cash flow problems and knowing any other serious weaknesses that threaten the organization.The analysis helps in knowing what needs to be done and also by putting problems into perspectives thus identifying the threats. When carried out, this analysis often seems to be illuminating – this occurs both in terms of pinpointing what is
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