Religious Studies homework help

Answer to the correct number of significantfigures.0.4518 g of compound A is dissolved in150.0 ml of solution. Then 5.00 ml of theobtained solution is transferred into a 100.0ml volumetric flask and diluted to the mark.The absorbance of the resulting solution ismeasured to be 0.457 in a 0.500 cm cuvetteat 470 nm. The molar absorptivity for thiscompound at 470 nm is 4,655 M?1cm?1. Cal-culate the molecular weight of compound A.Answer in units of g/moleSolution to 8151660Initially, 150 ml of solution contains 0.4518g A5 ml …………………… 0.4518g x 5 / 150 = 0.01506 g AIf this amount is diluted to 100ml, then the concentration of A in…
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