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Detailed instructions for answering the questions. I will post example to help as well. Answers should be MLA
Reaction: Just a brief “I felt happy to learn that….” That’s it; no explanations wanted at this point as that is analysis.
Analysis: Reply in depth to the question, by first using and quoting class materials, then elaborate on the question/promt , and end with life examples to illustrate your point. The quote should be upfront, so you are discussing new learning. The example should be more than idea, and best deal with a real life event.
Questions: Offer questions you have, based on your exploration of the question, to discuss issues with classmates.Try to ask questions that lead to discussion about life experience, rather than “what if/” questions about the future.
As always, use headings, quotations, and proper citation for your post, and remember proper format for response posts.

Questions to answer

1. What insights and resources offered by Pema Chodron did you find helpful? Were there ideas that you disagreed with? Use relevant examples from your own experience and knowledge to help support your response.

2. This week’s discussion is based on the assigned videos for the unit. After watching the videos with Brené Brown on “The Power of Vulnerability”and Jill Bolton Taylor,“My Stroke of Insight.” reflect on your own life experiences. Can you think of an obstacle, struggle, time when a seemingly negative experience resulted in positive insights or understandings? Or when your spiritual practice had an impact on the experience?

3.This week’s discussion is based on an experiential exercise. After watching the 1- hour video, “Extreme Pilgrim,” find a place where you cannot be distracted by ANY technology, people, work, study, etc. Spend an entire 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing while remaining silent. No music, no TV, no internet, you must be alone, no created noise. Turn your phone off! The exercise does not count until you have achieved an entire 5 minutes (you may have to start over, as it must be a consecutive 5-minutes). “BBC: Extreme Pilgrim – Ascetic Christianity.” Youtube, uploaded by MrBlessing777, 14 April 2012,
Post: Post a minimum 300-word post on what the experience was like for you. Was it difficult or easy? Why? What did you do? What did you discover? Why was it a challenge? Etc.
4. Write a 300-word post and post to your Team Discussion an answer to this question: At this point in my journey, my spiritual perspective is … Explain your own take on spirituality – are you spiritual but not religious; see religion and spirituality as compatible; etc.
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