Relevance of Health Information Exchange research paper

This project focus on a specific issue/ problem in health administration or public health.
write research paper about Relevance of health information exchange
Double-spaced with pages numbered
Use subheading.
30 pages long.
Use APA Style Guidelines to format the paper and to site the resources you use to develop the paper. (Kindly, be honest to cite the correct source)
I am done with the introduction. I attach it.
Follow the outline provided below.
Abstract – short summary of each section of the paper
Literature review –Divide the problem into content areas….what areas need to be researched to help you solve or resolve the problem. Use an introductory paragraph telling the reader what you are going to tell them, then tell them, and then provide a brief summary outlining the major points of what you told them. The literature review is objectively written.
Methods of the project investigation –This section is typically short and sweet and shares what you have done to resolve the problem. This section will outline your approach to the literature review. You do not share any results in this section. Just outline what you did.
Results or Findings – This section shares the application of the methods to the problem. So, you would often summarize the literature review while applying them to the problem statement or goals of the project. Remember to write this section objectively. For example, “the literature says that to increase employee retention, you should employ three practices……currently, Hospital X does not follow these practices….” End you statement here. Do not relate to what an organization should do. This belongs in the next section.
Discussion – here you FINALLY start to apply what you learned (results) in a more subjective voice. So, to continue the example above, you would write that Hospital X should consider employing all three of these practices to increase retention and so on.
Evaluation of the Project – How did the project go, what barriers did you experience and/or what success did you experience.
Limitations to the project – What were the limits to your work (access to research, etc.). Do not mention that you didn’t have time to do better.
Recommendations – Finally, at the end of all of this, if you could have 5 minutes with decision makers, what would you recommend that they do? All of the recommendations must be based on your findings above. Remember, by now, if you’ve done a good job in each of the sections above, the reader should be able to state what the recommendations should be.
References– List your references…..follow APA formatThe post Relevance of Health Information Exchange research paper first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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